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Lighting is crucial in hydroponics

If you want to set up a successful and high-yielding system for hydroponics in Sussex and London, you need to make sure that the conditions are absolutely right for the specific types of plants you are trying to grow. One of the most important factors to consider when growing plants in any kind of medium is the lighting. All plants will require a certain amount of light in order to flourish, and it’s no different with hydroponic systems. (more…)

The largest selection of nutrients

The soilless cultivation of plants has become much more prevalent in the last few years and is now firmly entrenched in agriculture. Hydroponics was discovered a long time ago, but due to differing factors there are an increasing amount of people turning to the process for the growing of food. (more…)

Controlling the environment of your hydroponics system

When it comes to hydroponics, the environment in which you are growing needs to be finely controlled to prevent any problems arising in your crops. Everything from the CO2 levels to the humidity needs to be carefully controlled so that you can offer the optimal growing environment for your crops. When you are in search of affordable yet high quality equipment for hydroponics in Kent, our team are here to provide them. We offer a wide variety of equipment for almost every aspect of the growing process, augmented by our expertise in hydroponics. (more…)

Using modern methods for growing gives greater rewards

Hydroponics is essentially the method of growing plants in water without the presence of soil. It involves the use of mineral nutrient solutions as an enlightening discovery was made in the 18th century by researchers. They identified the fact that plants successfully absorb essential mineral nutrients in water. Soil serves as a mineral nutrient reservoir in traditional and natural growing conditions but does not play an essential part in the actual growth of the plant. The roots of a plant absorb the nutrients of the soil as they dissolve in water which means that the required mineral nutrients can be artificially introduced to the water supply, eliminating the need for soil. (more…)

Be part of the ever growing hydroponics trend in Kent

The increasing, of if you will excuse the play on words growing, level of interest in hydroponics Kent residents are displaying is really quite a good reflection of the way the world entire is taking to cultivating and producing flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables. This ever developing, increasingly used means of horticulture and agriculture – one that does not require soil to provide the minerals and nutrients associated with growth – is seen in a wider, global context as the ideal means to address the threat of food shortages in the face of an ever increasing world population. Whilst we at Hydro2Grow hope that this is indeed one day the case, in the meantime we are honoured to provide the equipment, the means and the knowledge Kent and London residents need to successfully carry out hydroponic growing. (more…)

The Best in Lighting for Hydroponics Sussex Can Get

As the growing number of those engaged in hydroponics Sussex has can testify, the difference between good results and great results in your plants produced this way often comes down to the use of the most effective and best lighting system. Whilst having control over the lighting, as well as the temperature and supply of nutrients supplied, is one of the key advantages of hydroponic growing, understanding and appreciating the best and most appropriate way to utilise the strength, proximity and presence of light is essential to ensure you get the results you want. At Hydro2Grow you will find that we have the most supportive and knowledgeable levels of expertise and information available, with our team of dedicated hydroponic enthusiasts able to give you the help, confidence and assistance you need to get the very best out of your own growing at home experience. (more…)

Spreading the word with regards to hydroponic growing is our aim

The increase and growth of adopting the ways and principles of hydroponics Chelsea residents have displayed underlines both the practicality of this gardening approach and the perfect results you can attain from it. The area is of course renowned and celebrated worldwide for the annual Chelsea Flower Show, a factor which in many respects makes the place a very natural home to experience the benefits of hydroponic growing. At Hydro2Grow we are passionate about embracing and encouraging hydroponic growing, showing our commitment by providing the very finest quality products and services for this horticultural approach at the most modest of costing possible. (more…)

Everything you need in one place for home growing

To meet the growing levels of interest in hydroponics Kent residents are expressing, we at Hydro2Grow present a wide and dynamic range of products and accessories for hydroponic growing excellence. This is backed by our collective expertise and knowledge of how to get the greatest results in cultivating and growing plants hydroponically, built up from our passionate commitment to this incredible and efficient approach. (more…)

Due to space reduction more poeple are now growing in their homes

The limited space of Camden, combined with a growing level of population in the area, has meant that the residents of this famous borough of London no longer have as much space or resources available for plant and flower growing as was once the case. This is to say, at least, that traditional plant and flower cultivation can be a difficult prospect. At Hydro2Grow we do, however, provide an efficient and effective way of growing plants and flowers. When using our specialist knowledge and equipment for hydroponics Camden residents can experience the pleasure and joy brought by home grown plants and flowers. (more…)

Hydroponics is always becoming more popular in the Fulham area

Ever since the 18th Century, when it was discovered that plants did not necessarily need soil to grow so long as they were provided with the required minerals and nutrients, the field of hydroponics has grown and advanced. Whilst it is hoped that one day hydroponics will allow for the widespread growth of crops in barren terrains and deserts, in the present day it is used to allow enthusiastic horticulturists to grow plants and flowers around their homes with no concerns about the suitability of the surrounding soil. As a result of this, increasingly it is towards hydroponics Fulham plant and flower growers are turning to ensure success. We at Hydro2Grow are proud suppliers of the best hydroponic supplies and equipment to Fulham residents to help bring success. (more…)

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