Hydroponics in Space

At Hydro 2 Grow we understand all of the great advantages hydroponic growing can offer, including space saving and the ability to set up anywhere. We are one of the leading names for hydroponics Chelsea has and can assist clients in getting the best results. (more…)

Optimal growing conditions

Hydro 2 Grow is a company that provides customers with all things hydroponics. Offering the best equipment and products around, we are very proud to offer a wide selection at fantastic prices. We will never push products on any of our customers, whilst offering advice after 20 years of growing experience. That is why we are the best for hydroponics Sussex has. (more…)

Start small and work your way up

A family operated and well-established business, Hydro 2 Grow has aided numerous individuals over the years in procuring the proper equipment for their needs. Whatever it is you require, be it lighting, nutrients, growing pots, or measurement utensils, we are confident that we have something suitable for you. Being one of the best companies for hydroponics Chelsea has to give, we are the people to contact if you lack the tools to grow your own produce. (more…)

Oxy-pots provide you with a wonderful introduction to hydroponics

Thanks to our reputation for excellent customer service and support, we are regarded as one of the best companies when it comes to hydroponics in South London. From pots and trays to nutrients and lighting, we have everything one needs to begin growing their own choice of plants, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. (more…)

Lettuce is the latest vegetable to cause a shortage crisis

In the previous article we wrote about the courgette crisis and how hydroponics would allow people to grow their own so they never miss out again. Shortages of other vegetables have followed courgettes. This is because people are being forced to choose alternatives and because much of the produce has been grown in countries also affected by bad weather. (more…)

Fertiliser salts help you give crops exactly what they need to grow

With soil based growing many of the nutrients that plants need come from the soil itself. Those that aren’t present in suitable amounts or are lacking completely are added by using fertiliser. This must be used with great care to ensure it doesn’t cause permanent damage to the environment. The costs must also be carefully weighed to make sure it is a viable approach. (more…)

Managing the pH levels of your crops

Since we began trading in the hydroponics industry, Hydro 2 Grow has worked hard to build strong relationships with clients. Thanks to these ties and the interactions we have had with our customers, our knowledge has developed considerably. In turn, this has permitted us to provide specialised services to people across the Surrey area. (more…)

Huge expansion is predicted for the hydroponics industry

Hydroponics is regarded as the fastest growing type of soil-free growing in the world. The technique has gained a fantastic following thanks to the wonderful benefits it offers and the ability to create systems on both small and large scale. Similar agricultural techniques, including aquaponics and aeroponics, offer some of the same advantages but it is the hydroponic method that many people favour. (more…)

Tackling the major issues with recirculating systems in hydroponics

Recirculating systems are useful in hydroponics because they allow resources to be used more efficiently. This is good news for the environment as water can be saved and sent back through the system rather than being wasted drying into soil, evaporating or finding its way down the drain. The savings will also help you to cut costs as your consumption will be lower. (more…)

Tips for reducing the risk of disease

One of the biggest advantages of hydroponics over traditional soil based agriculture is the fact that you can effectively reduce the risk of diseases affecting the plants as they are in an indoor, controlled environment. This means you can enjoy healthier produce and keep waste low. However, diseases can still happen with the technique because the plants will remain susceptible to the problems. The trick to reducing the risk is to remove the contaminants. (more…)

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