DWC is an attractive option for hydroponics

DWC is an attractive option for hydroponics

Food Vision USA takes place between the 13th and 15th of November 2017. This year one of the major topics up for discussion is hydroponics and whether the resource efficient method of agriculture can grow from a niche to a major alternative to soil based food production. Speakers will be looking at how hydroponic growing will fit into the wider food system in the US. This could provide some useful insights that could be used in other countries.

One of the main points that will be covered is the merits of Deep Water Culture (DWC). In comparison to the nutrient film technique (NFT) this kind of hydroponics offers lower installation costs. Both systems can produce higher yields of crops with fewer resources than traditional agriculture. They are also better in terms of space, allowing more plants to be raised per square metre than is possible with traditional soil growing.

So what is the big difference between DWC and NFT?

The answer is how the system works. DWC has a large tank of nutrient rich water that rafts are floated on. These hold plants, keeping their roots submerged in the water. As a result they can take on nutrients whenever they need them.

NFT on the other hand involves placing plants in channels. Water rich with nutrients is fed down these at periodic intervals to suit the needs of the plants. The whole process can be automated.

The advantage for DWC is that nutrients are always available. With NFT timing is absolutely crucial there may be periods when the plants don’t get the exact volume of nutrients they need.

As we mentioned, both systems can produce higher yields than soil based agriculture and are more efficient in terms of resources. The one you opt for will depend on your specific needs and how much time you have to spend on management and upkeep. DWC systems generally require less time.

Hydro 2 Grow we have become one of the leading names for hydroponics Weybridge has to offer. We understand both types of system mentioned above and can help clients to decide which is best for them. In addition we can guide them in choosing the products they need to set up a system.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch; we are here to help. You can also order products with ease via our website.

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