Growing food indoors with hydroponics

Growing food indoors with hydroponics

Hydro 2 Grow provide equipment to increase the potential of successful grows. Our specialised team even offer advice, as we have amounted over 20 years of experience. All our services are specialised to suit you, which has only been possible by our interactions with wholesalers and customers. When it comes to hydroponics Sussex residents can always trust us to support them.

Hydroponics is an alternative form of agriculture where plants grow in nutrient-enriched water rather than soil. It has been found to be a great method for growing food indoors. It can be nearly maintenance free, particularly with the introduction of additional automatic controls.

This method can be dated back as far as ancient Rome, when Tiberius wanted all year round cucumbers. Gardeners in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon may have adopted hydroponic principles, although no evidence of them has been found. The Aztecs were even thought to have made a system based on hydroponics called chinampas (floating gardens). As they were unable to grow food on marshy shores, hydroponic farmers made rafts made of reeds, allowing the roots of plants to go through the structure openings to the water.

Hydroponics works by not depending on soil, but instead utilising a pH controlled rich nutrient water. The water provides the plant with nutrition directly to the plants roots, this is obviously rapidly absorbed, so the plants thrive.

This type of agriculture is beneficial because it is easier to create optimal growing conditions. An indoor system provides artificial light which replicates the sun and fans provide the correct air circulation to receive carbon dioxide. Other benefits of hydroponics are: no soil required, uses 95% less water, less pests and disease, fewer pesticides, and ideal for small spaces.

Some of the different hydroponic systems you can try are drip growing systems, wick systems, water culture, ebb and flow, aeroponics, and nutrient film systems. If you find yourself interested in trying hydroponics out, then Hydro 2 Grow can get you started. We offer all the equipment necessary, and advice to help you along.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The best team for hydroponics Sussex has will be happy to advise you.

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