Hydroponics in Space

Hydroponics in Space

At Hydro 2 Grow we understand all of the great advantages hydroponic growing can offer, including space saving and the ability to set up anywhere. We are one of the leading names for hydroponics Chelsea has and can assist clients in getting the best results.

Hydroponics has become such an innovative way of producing food, even astronauts use the method! As it’s not possible for those in space to have easy access to fast food restaurants, astronauts have to find a way to produce lasting sources of food for long space missions. The hydroponic technique offers a promising solution as it doesn’t require any soil and can be set up in the most confined spaces.

NASA has even recognised that not only will astronauts have a healthier diet thanks to hydroponics, but having plants aboard will remove carbon dioxide emissions more efficiently. This is great for creating life sustaining amounts of oxygen.

Future space missions to Mars are now more possible than ever before. Scientists believe life can be supported effectively with a biological component (plants). They have even been working to create ‘bio-regenerative life support systems’.

However, these hydroponic systems need much evaluation before being launched. Many factors need to be taken into account, such as what species and variety of plant should be chosen, temperature, light, and carbon dioxide. All these will affect how the plants grow. Hydro 2 Grow understand how important the balance of these factors are; all have to be carefully controlled, especially on space ships, as the plants will be grown in mixed cultures.

Many plants can give off their own compound of chemicals. If care is not taken this could poison neighbours and create problems that may not be easily rectified. Some plants can use more nutrients also, and an example of this is some species may use more nitrogen than others; causing an outgrow and overcrowding. This all needs to be planned for.

Hydro 2 Grow are looking forward to what the future brings for hydroponics. It is very exciting and offers plenty of fantastic opportunities. We work hard to help growers near us have the same chances. As one of the best names for hydroponics Chelsea has, we can assist everybody in devising, setting up, and managing a system.

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