Identifying pests in hydroponics and how to eradicate them

Identifying pests in hydroponics and how to eradicate them

Hydro 2 grow is a highly specialised team of experienced hydroponic growers. With over 20 years of experience, we are knowledgeable in what equipment is required for growing various things. This is why we provide our customers with the best products on the market. Not only that, but we understand what problems can occur when growing. As a result we have become the leading name for hydroponics Fulham has.

One problem to be careful of whenever you grow plants is pests. Although hydroponics systems are less exposed there is still the potential that infestations will occur.

The top plant pests are:
– Whiteflies – these look like tiny white moths.
– Aphids – you will find these on the underside of leaves. They are tiny, soft bodied insects.
– Mealybugs – these can be identified in the crooks of stems. They have a cotton texture and come in masses.
– Spider mites – found on the leaves of crops, these pests look like tiny yellow specks.
– Fungus Gnats – these come in swarms and can be identified as tiny black flies.
– Thrips – identified if the leaves of your plants are curling up whilst being covered with silvery spots.

Some of the methods for eradicating these pests are as follows:
– Finding the bugs and picking them off by hand. This will only work if the infestation is in early stages though. Using this method can be very effective if done daily to stay on top of the pests. It is probably the kindest to your plants too.
– Using natural predators. There are other bugs that can help eradicate pests, including Lacewings or Ladybugs. The latter can completely rid of Mealybugs and Aphids. This method is advised to be used in a closed off area to prevent the spread of the predators.
– It’s obviously nice to be chemical free, but sometimes it’s not possible. If your crop is now infested with pests it may be necessary to use gentle pesticides.

Here at Hydro 2 grow we have a range of products including pest specific, organic, and non chemical options. It is up to you what method you decide to suppress pests with but we always recommend selecting one that will have the least risk of harming your plants.

If you need any advice or help with your pest problem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our reputation as the best team for hydroponics Fulham has is built on offering sound advice and great products.

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