The hydroponic market could see big growth by 2022

The hydroponic market could see big growth by 2022

A brand new report by Scalar Market Research gives a very positive forecast for the hydroponics industry. It claims that the market is expected to grow at a fantastic rate between now and 2022. This performance will be driven by continued rising food demands around the world, including in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Europe is expected to remain the highest contributor of revenue to the sector and the largest market.

The report also provides some key insights into the industry. Most importantly it indicates that hydroponic vegetables are ideal because they can be grown with minimal risk of contamination. In a hydroponics system everything that enters it can be controlled, including the quality of the water. This means it is much easier to prevent contaminants from getting in.

With traditional agriculture land and water can become contaminated for a number of reasons. Heavy metals, chemicals, and even ingredients in pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers can all find their way into fruits and vegetables. This can result in people eating contaminated food stuffs.

The increased awareness of the presence of contaminants in fruits and vegetables is leading more companies to look at hydroponics. This kind of growing also offers the benefit of faster grow cycles and higher yields.

Another big reason for the expected increase in hydroponics is the growth in urbanisation. With more people living in cities the food demands are higher. Urban farms and people growing food in their own homes are becoming more popular as a result.

At Hydro 2 Grow we understand the big benefits that hydroponic growing can offer, both in terms of producing crops with good nutrient profiles and saving resources. They systems can be set up in all types of urban settings.

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