Things you didn’t know about hydroponics

Things you didn’t know about hydroponics

Hydro 2 Grow is a business that provides a range of high quality products designed mainly for hydroponics. Not only do we provide the products for successful hydroponic grows, but we also offer the relevant knowledge and advice for your specifications. As a result we have grown into a supplier of hydroponics Kingston growers rely on.

Having over 20 years experience in hydroponic growing, we have collectively gathered vast amounts of knowledge. So, here we bring you some of the things you probably didn’t know about this type of agriculture;

When you grow plants hydroponics you have full control over the nutritional value and flavour of your produce. For example, if you were growing lettuce and wanted it to have a sweeter taste, you can introduce or reduce nutrients to achieve it.

Hydroponics is far more productive than normal agriculture; some facilities are capable of producing over 100 tons of crops a year. It is estimated that conventional farms only produce about 5 growing cycles a year. Hydroponic growing can allow you to produce about 12.

If hydroponics was the chosen method of growing, this could solve seasonal eating. Plants grown in controlled environments means a consistent supply of produce; therefore seasonality isn’t an issue.

Hydro 2 Grow will always encourage people to try their own hand at growing. Kickstarting the food revolution can only mean better things for our beautiful planet. Also, with our products and services, this is all made so much easier!

Getting started with hydroponics is relatively easy. Simple systems only consist of a few components and larger, automated ones can be put together relatively easily. The community is large and there is a lot of material available to help new growers design a system, install everything, and start growing.

If you have any questions why not address them to one of the leading providers of hydroponics Kingston has? Don’t hesitate to get in touch when you want to expand your knowledge.

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